Online Learning Bay – a bay of learning and sharing information

Online Learning Bay

Online Learning Bay takes and shares new information from online surfers. It is a bay of learning and sharing information, skills, and knowledge by using the internet. We believe anybody can learn anything of their interest at any age by surfing the web.

Every skill we learn adds to our new information. Sharing it with others enhances our knowledge. Example, a new cooking recipe, a computer game, an interest-based skill, do-it-yourself tips, self-help techniques or something about computer, the internetweb surfing and much more.

Online Learning Bay (OLB)exactly what is it???

At Online Learning Bay (OLB) we learn and share our information, skills, some new knowledge with our fellow online information seekers. The main target is, we open our mind to learn something new that interests us. We apply our knowledge to prove its usability.  At OLB, we share our experiences with our fellow online web surfers for their comments.

This practice will make us more well informed on a variety of subjects and will help us to enhance our skills in our fields of interest. Communication and sharing of information with like mind people will always improve our own awareness to the subject. It will give us the satisfaction of self-advancement and achievement.


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Today, we are living in a global village. We have a very large community of knowledge seekers who are ready to learn and share some interesting skills and want to contribute their knowledge with their fellow online surfers.

The new internet surfers want to know more about the Internet.  They want to learn about acceptable web surfing etiquettes to connect with like mind people. Sometimes they need help to understand web terminologies, web surfing techniques, information squeezing procedures, computing rules and netiquette.

Online Learning Bay

“When you transfer knowledge to someone, you’re not giving them everything but rather a foundation to build upon and to make greater.” Terry Mark

What will we achieve?

We believe that we can become well-informed by using different techniques and resources. These are, by learning from people, reading books, getting information from various channels and by surfing the web for new information.

At Online Learning Bay (OLB) our mission is to help people in finding resources they need. All explanations will be in the simple and understandable language. We have dedicated ourselves to collecting useful resources. Useful articles, information and, tips and tricks on various topics, professions, and on personality development are available at OLB. This will help our visitors to get most relevant information under one roof.

We welcome our valuable site visitors and will appreciate comments and suggestions from them. Their valuable comments will help us to improve our site and make it more interesting and useful for our new visitors.

We wish our site visitors a ‘Very Happy Journey’ of learning and being knowledgeable, by sharing and exchanging information with the fellow visitors.

 Bon Voyage!!!!!