Let’s Learn What, How, When – their appropriate use

Let’s learn What, How, When questions. We must find out what these questions intend for? What kind of information they collect, how and when this information delivers? In our daily life we encounter many times with What, How, When questions. There improper use sometimes kills the main purpose of interrogation.


Let's Learn What How When

Let’s Learn What, How, When – their appropriate use

Let’s see appropriate use of What, How, When. What kind of information they deliver and how are we can use these in receiving information.

What‘ emphasizes on a Declarative Knowledge which refers to the facts and information stored in the memory. It considers as Descriptive Knowledge that describes things, events or processes. The attributes of actions and their relation to each other. For example:

What is your name?

What country are you from?

What is the color of your hair?

How‘ stresses at Procedural Knowledge or number of steps that needed to apply that knowledge. It shows the process of performance of some task. In other words, it is job-dependence knowledge. It involves hands-on experiences or expertise of certain task. For example, a football fan knows the minimal details of the game but lacks the experience of playing in the ground. It may not have expertise of a goalkeeper or a defender in the real play itself.

When‘ is about Conditional Knowledge that involves ‘if … then’ conditions. It involves all four or any two types of knowledge such as situational, conceptual, procedural and strategic knowledge. A teacher can teach students a skill, its implementation procedure but cannot influence the decision of using it in certain task. Students have to decide themselves that when when this skill will be useful. Example, a nurse learns facts and steps to implement certain procedure and decides to use or not use that procedure in certain situation by justifying ‘if….then’ conditions.


In our learning process, we must practice using our strategies in steps as ‘What, How and When’. It makes learning process very easy and will keep information in our memory for long. That’s why we should learn proper use of these interrogative words. Let’s Learn What How When and their appropriate use in our conversation.

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