About Us

Hi! Welcome to Online Learning Bay,

OLB shaped in its present form after experiencing lot of difficulty in squeezing right information from the Internet on certain topics.

We were searching for some very crucial information on the web when we found that if right directions are not followed, we might get confused or lost in this ocean of information on the Internet.

Then, we realized that why new and/or intermediate net surfers get confused while surfing on theĀ Internet.

An idea came into our mind that why not we create something handy for a common man, in simple and understandable language, where anybody can their share personal experiences, successes and of course miss-happenings that helped them to become what they are today.

The sole purpose of this site is to help a novice in various fields of life, help them in taking right decisions and of course to learn from their personal experiences as well.

OLB is a heart to heart and a friend to friend portal of learning and sharing knowledge that, not only delivers basic information but also to help to find some practical information to solve the problems.