5 Best Rules of Learning through Knowledge

5 Best Rules of Learning through Knowledge is about strengthening our power of knowledge. Many times we hear individuals, students and professionals talking about their learning and knowing abilities. Sometimes they experience extraordinary hurdles in their learning process. They discuss it with others and try to remove that obstacle. They learn from others insight.

It is human nature that it wants to experience everything by itself. It observes results by using its own solution. A person’s exploring nature always force him to find out the solution by himself. This sometimes yield better results and sometimes not.

Everyday we read on Internet about other people’s sharing of experiences of certain special situations. Their end results are acceptable as those are from personal experience. We can use them if we come across the same circumstances. To solve the problem from scratch sometimes become very time consuming. End results may or may not are positive.

Literary Meaning of Learning and Knowledge

In dictionaries, knowledge and learning defined as two different aspects of delivering ‘information’. These are as follows:

Learning is a process of adapting information, which is theoretically or practically acknowledged. It is about accepting existing information, behaviors, skills, values, knowledge or preferences to put into action(s).

Knowledge is to get new information on facts, details, descriptions or skills acquire through experience(s) or education. It describes an awareness of something through theoretical or/and practical understanding.

What Learning Can Do

Learning increases knowledge. Knowledge or a new information develops by sharing an individual’s or a community’s experiences with others. Knowing insights and practices of others shared by like-minded people increases knowledge.

‘To learn’ means ‘taking in information’. “It is a continuous process of discovering new insights; inventing possibilities for action(s); producing the actions and observing the consequences of sharing, leading to new insights”. (Dewey 1933)

Knowledge is Understanding of Information

Knowledge is a state of understanding which helps in forming the shape of action(s). Learning and knowledge reinforce each other in a cycle. In the process of learning knowledge, we polish our ability of comprehension.

5 Best Rules of Learning through Knowledge

Five best tips to learn through knowledge are:

  1. Become an aggressive reader and listener.
  2. Develop your habit of asking, ASK QUESTIONS.
  3. Share your information and experiences through discussions.
  4. Help others by describing or explaining your information.
  5. Remember, do not memorize some keywords from on going discussion.

These are a few steps that can help anybody in learning through knowledge. These are very simple rules, anybody can follow them. Improved knowledge will make our problem solving ability fast. This in return, will make less mistakes.

We must create a culture of knowledge and learning in our homes and in the society. Youngsters should learn to use their knowledge in solving their day-to-day problems. Less problems will give them chance to progress in their worldly and spiritual knowledge.

Learn More Study Less

5 Best Rules of Learning through Knowledge

Share Knowledge and Learn Fast

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